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Roi's Piece

Roi's Piece (15).jpg

About Roi's Piece

Texas Walnut, 1-1/2” thick, 54” X 44” X 17” high

Similar commissions average about $4,500. 

This table is a collaboration between myself and artist Roi James. To begin the design, Roi drew an amoebic shape and we set out to find a piece of wood that could capture the feeling of his drawing. Both of us use organic forms in our work, and we wanted to capture both the natural beauty of the original tree, and the ethereal quality of nature through this piece. 

We selected a small log that was the intersection of two limbs and the trunk of a Texas Walnut tree. Texas Walnut naturally grows with many twists, so it has to be cut very thick in order to accommodate its unusual growth pattern.  After selecting the wood, it was cut into sections 3 inches thick. To create the table, I composed 7 different pieces of the walnut to create the top, then made proportional legs from logs that gradually narrow and are capped with aluminum feet. This piece is an original work of art, but similar pieces can be created that mirror the design and refined natural beauty of this table. For more details about the process of creating this piece, or if you are interested in a commission please contact me

Roi's Piece Process

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